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Providence fitness was born from the idea that exercise is the foundation to self worth and growth which are necessary for the enjoyment of a good quality of life. Founder Jerome Baxter has embraced exercise as a part of his life and lifestyle since his birth. Growing up in the parish of Calderon, Jamaica a country rich in its natural beauty, diversity of foods along with its rainbow of cultures. Has provided Jerome with innate talents and deep rooted tradition of a natural living and a sustainable lifestyle. His family migrated to Miami, Florida in his teenage years. It was then where he excelled in physical fitness as a track athlete and fitness expert. After a tour of duty in the US Coast Guard Jerome's passion and realization grew for his love of exercise and its capability to help people. It was then he pursued his life purpose helping everybody by teaching them the right exercises; the right way.

Since its founding in 2003 Providence Fitness has been helping people with its core principle "Exercise your right to Live" This technique is applied in three simple steps (Assessment, Awareness and Assistance).Providence Fitness provides an evidence based approach through its customizable exercise and lifestyle programs.

The World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and the American Council on sports Medicine have all recommend exercise as the best way to prevent or manage chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. With more than 10 years helping individuals of all ages adhere to exercise, improve their quality of life and enjoy an active lifestyle. Providence Fitness possesses the knowledge, experience and expertise needed to guide you on "your journey to longevity".

Certification and Activities
Flex Instructor for Silver Sneakers
NCSF Health Fitness Instructor 2003
ACELifestyle Weight Management Consultant 2007
ACE Exercise Ball and Band Instructor
ACE Group Fitness
First Aid & CPR EIM Certified Fitness Professional