Doctor Referral Fitness Program

If you had been going for a therapy or treatment and it is complete now, it is likely that your therapist will recommend continued exercise to maintain your wellbeing. For some patients, continuing the exercises alone can be dangerous. Exercise done safely and efficiently, requires professional assistance. In fact, physicians are recommending exercise but they may not be able to perform such activity. Here the Physician Referral Exercise Program (PREP) helps you continue a safe and healthy lifestyle. This program has been designed for helping patients in maintaining the gains they have worked for and gain strength for general fitness.

Who can participate in the Physician Referral Exercise Program (PREP)?

Individuals who can participate in the program include:

  • Patients having chronic illness
  • Patients who need supervised fitness training
  • Patients having post physical therapy
  • Patients having mobility problems or suffering from arthritis
  • Individuals wishing to improve their overall health

    How to sign up for Physician Referral Exercise Program (PREP)?

    Signing up for the Physician Referral Exercise Program (PREP) is easy. Simply, complete a free health assessment. Then choose a schedule that suits your needs.

    Benefits of the Physician Referral Exercise Program

    The Physician Referral Exercise Program can provide series of benefits to patients. Patients with chronic illnesses will be supervised by trained practitioners and trainers, who will help them continue the exercise program suggested by their doctors. The program includes plans that can help prevent or reduce obesity. The exercises practiced can help maintain balance, coordination and develop strength. The program also aims at improving the biomechanical function and vestibular health of the patients.

    Some patient need professional supervision and sometimes that care needs to be individualized. The Physician Referral Exercise Program can provide that care to the patients too. The program is managed by forming a referral partnership with the general practitioners and associated health professionals. With the help of a professional team, the patients with chronic diseases are provided with specialized care. The patients who become members of the program are provided with special training to learn the exercises that are more suitable according to their physical health.

    The aim of the Physician Referral Exercise Program is not just to make patients exercise. It also aims to monitor the progress of the patients on regular basis. Their exercising schedule is reviewed for potential changes according to the progress they are making. The patients are recommended to keep on visiting their doctor to evaluate the progress of the program.

    The Physician Referral Exercise Program keeps the information of the patient confidential. Even after the program of a member/patient has completed, he can expect to get the same support.

    Signing up for the Physician Referral Exercise Program can be really beneficial for all kinds of patients. Even if you are not a patient, but you wish to avail overall health benefits, the program can still be useful to you.

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    Our system is based on studies in nutrition and exercise physiology. It is this holistic approach that allows superior results tailored to every individual client.