Mobile Fitness

In today's busy life of a professional it can be challenging to travel to the gym. There are also health challenges that may not allow you to get outside and exercise. Whether it is a mobility challenge or a convenience challenge you can still have a healthy lifestyle with our service, Mobile Fitness.

Mobile fitness is an in home or office work out program in which a professional trainer will come to your location to provide quality training and help you promote good health. You will enjoy the ability to lead a healthy and fit life without the need of machines or dealing with traffic or a crowded gym.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is not only a good idea to keep you vibrant during the business hours but also a good habit to promote long term good health. We have designed mobile fitness to provide you with a custom activity program that will not only fit into your schedule but also work for your specific needs.

Whether you wish to promote better circulation, heart health, flexibility, fall prevention or stress reduction, we can help you design an effective program.

Mobile fitness (in home training) is here to secure you a better future health. It is meant for those, who have busy professional lives but they don’t want to compromise on their health. You will get to train at home with Jerome. This program is specially meant for those individuals, who are looking for customized and supervised individual home base training.

The mobile fitness program is for:

  • Busy professionals
  • Patients with Post surgery or those who require frequent hospital visit
  • Post-rehab patients
  • Individuals suffering from depression
  • People who are Unable to visit the gym
  • People who need individualized care

  • Individuals as young as 10 years can apply for this program. There is no restriction of age.

    Benefits of Mobile fitness (in home training)

    Mobile fitness is meant to provide the same health benefits that any fitness program can provide. The added benefit is that you get training at the comfort of your home, without having to go anywhere. You are even free to choose the best time slot for the home training sessions to begin.

  • The program can let you improve the flexibility of our joints and muscles
  • It can solve problems related to back pains
  • It can help reduce fats
  • It can help your body reach strength; attain agility and the balance you were never able to maintain otherwise

  • This program involves meeting with your trainer on an appointment basis twice or three times a week. You can choose the time that is convenient for you. The program consists of healthy indoor and outdoor activities. Within no time, you will find your body fit and flexible. This is a program that has been designed for the wellness of the whole body. Children, youngsters, adults, and elderly people, all can get benefit from this mobile training program. The daily exercises you learn will bring you many health benefits.

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    Unique Approach

    Our system is based on studies in nutrition and exercise physiology. It is this holistic approach that allows superior results tailored to every individual client.