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Legal Fitness

The American Medical Association (AMA) agrees that sitting for extended periods of time can be bad for personal health. Are you a Judge, a lawyer or a paralegal? Suffering from stiff bones and joints, weak and tight muscles. Are you feeling Aches and pains >>Read more

Mobile Fitness

Train at home, convenience busy professionals Do you have an in Home Gym? Train at home with Jerome >>Read more

Well After Fifty

Benefits Strength of mind and body, endurance and more vitality, more awareness healthier lifestyle, more social life >>Read more

Health Professionals

Doctors prescribe exercise, we enable patients to enroll in a fitness program that promotes better health. >>Read more

Exercise your right to live

Improved flexibility, endurance and muscular development/tone equals positive mental and physical image.
Training with Jerome has changed my life! I feel better both mentally and physically. I'm stronger, healthier, and have a better attitude. He has also encouraged me to change my lifestyle and eating habits which in turn has changed my health for the better! My blood pressure has gone down, my headaches are fewer, and all my blood work comes back great! Thank you Jerome for making us the best we can be!
Julie Accountant
Jerome Baxter is an excellent trainer. I have been working out at Providence Fitness for over a year. During that time, Jerome has tailored my training program to my needs. Over the year, I have seen results! I have increased flexibility, strength, and weight loss. I highly recommend Providence Fitness.
Christi Attorney
Since I started coming to Providence Fitness I have noticed a big improvement in my endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. My overall appearance has also improved and others have noticed. Thanks Jerome!
Haydee L.E. Officer
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