Legal Fitness Program

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) sitting for long periods of time can be damaging for the health. This is not a challenge that affects obese individuals but rather an epidemic that anyone who spends extended amounts of time on a desk can suffer from. Are you a lawyer, a judge or a paralegal? Have you started experiencing health problems such as tight muscles, stiff joints and bone aches? Have you also started getting aches and pains? Although the these ailments may seem minor, you should take the time learn how to counteract your habits in order to promote better health. This why we created the Legal Fitness Program.

The Legal Fitness program is designed to meet the health and fitness needs of Lawyers, judges, legal firms, accountants, legal secretaries, court workers and reports, and paralegals.

How to participate

To get you or your organization enrolled in the Legal Fitness program, simply complete a free health assessment form. Next you will learn about all the features and benefits the program offers. Finally, your certified trainer will provide options on schedule as well as answer questions that will help you determine what plans suits you best.
Benefits of legal fitness If you are wondering why you should join the Legal Fitness program, here are some of the benefits to be aware of:

  • Effectively promote relief from muscular and joint pain
  • Prevent health problems caused by sitting for extensive sitting
  • Increase flexibility and learn practical exercises for more vitality
  • Burn fat and decrease the waistline
  • Enjoy encouragement and support as your organization participates with similar goals
  • Convenience and flexibility with your schedule
  • Regain energy and vitality even after the daily demands of a professional

    The global studies suggest that people that work in offices spend an average of 7.7 hours per day. Some people spend as much a 15 hours sitting on a chair. Usually when the effects of sitting for many hours appear, people tend to ignore the symptoms. These symptoms include finding it hard to stand up after sitting for long, loss of muscles mass on the legs and buttocks, weight gain, stiff bones and joints, bone pain, poor circulation and other pains. Take action with a positive program and prevent long term effects of sitting.

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    Unique Approach

    Our system is based on studies in nutrition and exercise physiology. It is this holistic approach that allows superior results tailored to every individual client.

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